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Unseasoned and economy firewood that will need to be stored and dried in advancedand once seasoned this wood is perfect to be burned and will provide a great hot burn at a cheap price with the added bonus of it being easy to light.
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  • An economical alternative to seasoned and kiln dried logs. The logs are fresh cut and so will require further seasoning before burning. If you have a log store or log barn with good air flow then this is a very good, cost effective way of buying firewood logs. The logs are primarily hardwood (oak, ash, sycamore etc) and once seasoned will provide huge amounts of long lasting warmth as only hardwood firewood can Contained in large builders bags, or save 30% on Log Store when purchasing with 1m3 of Buy now Burn later logs. Log store listing is stacked with 1m3 freshly cut logs, ready to be stored first and burned later. Delivered on a burnable wooden pallet. Our deliveries are made by a nationwide pallet courier,...

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  • As a result of our sawmilling process many different size offcuts are produced. They are sold as unprocessed offcuts for splitting by the customer or in this case. These offcuts are pre-processed and ready sized for burning in wood-burning stoves, fire-pits and open fires. Some of these logs will be already seasoned (ready to burn) while others will require a little seasoning. They will generally be a good usable mixture of both seasoned and un-seasoned material although the mixture is completely random in both size and dryness. This economically produced firewood will have the potential for some very small pieces to be included, these can be separated and used as kindling if required or just burnt as usual. All...

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  • We are pleased to offer for sale 1m3 bags of sawmill offcuts for firewood. These pieces of wood are direct from our sister company's sawmilling operation and consist of green and partially air dried oak and various softwood. Offcuts in large lumps, boards and slab wood (thin pieces from around the outside of the tree). These bags are not fully processed for firewood use so you should be prepared to get the axe or saw out - a great way to keep fit whilst saving money! The picture is for representation only and the bags can contain any mixture of any of the above products. Please remember: Due to the larger unprocessed size of these offcuts you will get even more for your money - once processed further the volume...

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