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  • Great value, high-quality briquettes that are mechanically pressed, offering a long burn time, high heat output and low ash content.  These fuel logs, also known as 'heat logs' are a great alternative to traditional kiln dried and seasoned firewood logs, providing hours of heat with very little smoke. They are our best value quality fuel briquettes.Purchase our 20kg bags of Ecofire value logs, to try this exceptional fuel in your own home fire before you buy. 100% wood! Made from waste sawdust and woodshavings from our sister company's sawmilling operation. No glues or binding agents used in the manufacture of these briquettes. The briquettes are 55mm in diameter and mostly between 30 and 90mm in...

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    £ 16.99 Size: 20kg Sample
  • Ecofire HotRod mechanically pressed briquettes are very dense and highly calorific, every part of the briquette and packaging can be utilised and burned! These sample boxes of Ecofire Hotrods are perfect for trying these exceptional briquettes in your own home to experience the incredible heat produced by these logs.  They are made almost exclusively from oak with a little larch mixed in to help with the natural binding process - no chemicals or other additives are used in this process, these briquettes really are the most ecologically sound means of heating your home and are completely carbon neutral. These briquettes do not spit or spark whilst they burn, making them safe and ideal to use on open fires,...

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  • Clean, Green and more fuel efficient! UK produced heatlogs made from wood shavings and sawdust. They are a smokeless fuel that is carbon neutral. Compressed at high temperatures with no glues or artificial binding agents added. Heatlogs have a low moisture content, approx. 6% moisture and measure 200mm length x 65mm width with 12 briquettes per pack. Suitable for all stoves, open fires, firepits and chimineas. With a low ash residue and no soot, burning heatlogs will help to keep your stove and chimney clean!Heatlogs are easy to light, burn well throwing off a good amount of heat and do not expand, spit or spark when burning. Clean and easy to handle, easy to stack and store.Sample bags will...

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  • Sawdust charcoal made from high density wood briquettes - widely regarded as the best charcoal available! They burn for up to 5 times longer than standard charcoal and are used in Chinese/Japanese restaurants, Turkish grills and many other discerning restaurant, as well as home users. Although slightly more expensive than regular charcoal it will significantly reduce cost over time due to it's long burn characteristics! Packed in airtight 10kg boxes Sample bags will be delivered by parcel courier to UK mainland only. For any special requirements please contact our sales team on 01536 373234 or

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