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    15kg bags Hayes horse bedding wood pellets, made from debarked Coniferous virgin timber and contain no binding agents or additves, the perfect bedding material for your horse. Hayes horse bedding wood pellets are more absorbent than traditional bedding products such as straw and wood shavings. When water is added to the pellets, they will expand creating a dense soft bed that remains in a localised patch meaning that removal can be as simple as lifting it away with a shovel. Easy to lift bags. Delivered on a burnable wooden pallet. Our deliveries are made by a nationwide pallet courier, with standard delivery as kerb side only. Please see 'Shipping and Returns' for more information. For any special requirements...

    £ 6.99
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    £ 6.99 Size: Single Bag
    £ 179.99 Size: Half pallet 32 x 15kg bags
    £ 309.99 Size: Full pallet 64 x 15kg bags
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item