More Products

In addition to our wide range of fuels, Firewood and Logs also offer a small range of fuel related products such as wood chip mulch for use in the garden to absorbent wood pellets used for horse bedding.


  • Chips & Shavings
    Add a unique subtle flavour to your food with our oak chips and shavings. These chips and shavings are produced at our yard from waste material from various sawmilling processes.
  • Wood Chip Mulch
    Wood chip mulch is made from whole chipped timber with a high percentage of bark and is a mixture of hard and softwood for longer life.
  • Sawdust Charcoal
    Sawdust charcoal is manufactured from sawdust briquettes to give a seriously high density, seriously long lasting charcoal briquette. Used in Korean, Chinese and Turkish restaurants the length and breadth of the UK.
  • Rock Salt
    Rock salt is a mixture of grit and salt to melt snow and ice and keep path and roadways clear and ice-free. Available all year round.
  • Horse Bedding
    Verdo Horse bedding is exceptionally absorbent, so when the bed is wet it will remain in a localised patch meaning that removal can be as simple as lifting it away with a shovel.
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